I'm a firm believer that the iPod video should be enjoyed at a stationary workstation, on your commute or when you can pay attention to its greatness. It is after all, a portable video player. So, when I'm working out I use my old school mini or my nano because they are so much smaller, lighter and for some reason, I have gotten it in my head that because they don't have screens, are more durable workout buddies. That being said, the nice people at Mophie let me test out a Relo Run case for my video iPod and I was pleased to find it wasn't as heavy and uncomfortable as I suspected.

At first I was confused and thought I was going to have to strap my iPod on my arm the funky way, but I realized the Relo Run swivels 360 degrees, so whichever way your workout pulls you, it serves your tunes straight up. It comes with the clear Base Case, so your iPod fits tight in the arm band. For a full gallery of images, just read more

Relo Run 5G comes with a Frost 5th Gen Base Case, which come in 30gig or 60/80gig size. The band is washable and sweat-resistant. The case comes in black and pink (to be honest, it's the pink that sold me!) and costs $25, which is a fair price for an arm band.