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Geeksugar Tests The TuneJuice2

I know I'm not the only person out there that has sat down in a plane, train or automobile hoping to listen to my iPod, only to realize I'm down to a tiny sliver on the charge bar. While I often have my laptop or charger with me, this nifty Griffin TuneJuice2 charger is one of those small gadgets you don't want to leave the house without. It can provide up to 14 hours of additional audio play, or 2 more hours of video enjoyment. You just have to pop 4 AAA batteries into it (your first 4 are included and you can use rechargeable) and keep rocking.

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Geek Chic

  • The TuneJuice is incredibly small, so it's perfect for slipping into your bag. It's also only $29, which if you are on a long international flight or camping and need some entertainment, is more than worth it.
  • The fact that it can allow 14 additional hours of audio and 2 hours of video play is one of the chic.

Totally Geeky

  • A completely discharged iPod will not be able to take advantage of TuneJuice because it goes into shutdown mode. TuneJuice doesn't actually charge up your iPod's internal battery.

It's definitely worth it if you're a traveler (especially if you don't want to buy an expensive adapter). 4 AAA batteries are a lot easier to find than the adapter you left on your desk at the office, am I right?


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