The Dr. Bott's USB Travel Dock for iPod shuffle, $19.99, allows you to charge and load your 2G iPod shuffle in a sleek, space-saving USB Travel Dock. It's ideal for traveling or in the office because of its size and its design perfectly matches my MacBook.

While the Shuffle comes with its very own dock that you connect to your Mac or PC, it must be via a USB cord, which means extra cord and space. With the Dr. Bott charger you can charge your iPod and provide up to 480 Mbps data transfer for loading or syncing of your entire music library just by sticking the charger directly into the port. For a full gallery of photos, read more

The USB Travel Dock won’t interfere with any adjacent cables, so you can prominently display your new 2G iPod shuffle right next to your laptop screen. It has a blue "Power on" LED indicator. I wouldn't say it's a gadget you have to have, but it's useful and saves space, which is always appreciated.

Note: My shuffle is wearing a Mophie Shuffle cover, which I actually haven't taken off since I put it on. Just wanted to make sure you knew it's not part of the USB charger.