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Geeksugar Tests The White Blackberry Pearl

I was walking by the T-Mobile store on the way back from lunch yesterday and I noticed their big sign outside advertising the new white Blackberry Pearl. Being the geeky but charming woman that I am I convinced the very nice guy behind the counter to let me check out and photograph the sexy thing. Yeah, that's right, I called it sexy.

The lustrous pearl white finish is essentially the only difference between the new model and my black one (pictured above). Wondering why I am so obsessed with the Pearl? read more

The Pearl is known for its easy-to-use phone, personal e-mail, and web browsing capabilities and it just happens to be my phone of choice because it allows me access to my e-mail and geeksugar no matter where I am. I know a lot of you are RAZR and Sidekick fans, but the Pearl is worth checking out if you want access to your e-mail around the clock.








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