Geeksugar's Top Ramen/Gadget Buying Diet

Would You Live on Only Ramen To Get a Gadget?

Geeksugar's Top Ramen/Gadget Buying Diet

Some people may go to extremes to buy the gadgets they love. We've all heard the stories of Apple fans sitting outside for days in the cold for the iPhone, and others plunking down hundreds of dollars to scalpers for the latest game console that isn't available on store shelves. Have you ever gone the distance to get your hand on a gadget that you just couldn't live without? Would you eat Top Ramen every day for every meal until you got it? Based on national facts, the average person in the US makes around $46,000 dollars a year, which will barely get you a Ferrari Phone to tote around. So just for fun — and keeping in mind this is not including any of your other financial obligations — let's see how long the average American would have to live on Top Ramen to get their hands on the ultimate gadgets.



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