Geeky Accessory Alert: I Love The Luxe Link

This one comes straight to you from my ninth grade crush, who despite never picking up on my flirtatious banter (okay, okay, I was 15 and wore too much glitter, it wasn't his fault!) has become a noteworthy geek in his own right. The Luxe Link is a simple purse link that was invented to keep your precious purse off the icky ground. Any person that's ever considered putting his or her favorite handbag, laptop bag or backpack on the ground in a public place knows exactly why this clever piece of metal is the geekiest thing since sliced bread. I like it because it proves gadgetry doesn't have to be wired for it to be functional, practical and chic.

Described as "no larger than the size of Beyonce’s hoop earring, the Luxe Link is portable, lighter than your cell phone, and easy-peasy to use." The first collection is priced at $45, but if you paid a bundle for the purse itself, I'm sure you're willing to pay that to keep it clean.