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21 Easy, Hilarious April Fools' Pranks

Apr 1 2015 - 4:50am

Ready for the best April Fools' Day ever? Show off your sleuthing style with these techie, geeky ideas that'll confuse the heck out of your co-workers, friends, significant others, parents — you name it. And if this year is anything like 2014, there will be tons of pranks on the web [1] that you can send, too.

Source: Reddit user JesskiRoo [2]

Cover the mouse laser with a Post-It.

Source: Reddit user TheLiam31217 [3]

Please oh please re-create this incredible spider phone prank [4].

Try one of these brilliant autocorrect pranks [5], like creating a shortcut on your mom's phone so every time she types "dirty clothes," it says "acid."

Nicolas Cage-ify the photocopy machine.

Source: Reddit user another_new_username via Imgur [6]

Use a Chrome extension [7] that turns webpages upside down.

Source: Chrome [8]

Pull that infamous cat facts prank on someone with this Cat Facts app [9].

. . . Or the Cornify Chrome extension [10] that's all about the unicorn rainbows.

Source: Chrome [11]

Hide creepy Lego figurines throughout someone's place.

Source: Instagram user ktown8932 [12]

Hack the printer to say something funny.

Source: Reddit user tolomont via Imgur [13]

Glue googly eyes on the mouse.

Source: Instagram user jmacagnone [14]

Dust Legos with flour so that they look like candy.

Source: Reddit user buskey via Imgur [15]

Get friends to accidentally send you a selfie with this hilarious picture trick [16].

Alphabetize a keyboard.

Source: Reddit user Prooffreader via Imgur [17]

. . . Or rearrange the letters to leave messages like "You can't ge7 m3."

Source: Instagram user smokinaces11 [18]

Block her desk with a Super Mario setup.

Source: Reddit user mfoste34 via Imgur [19]

Change the WiFi name to something creepy.

Source: Instagram user commanderherzog [20]

Install the blue screen of death screensaver [21].

Source: Instagram user everydayisagreenday [22]

Grow a garden in your co-worker's keyboard.

Source: Instagram user gistiger [23]

Cover a keyboard with weird ransom-note decals.

Source: Reddit user LegendOfBlainer via Imgur [24]

Change the look of your friend's app icons so that she gets superconfused. Here's how [25].

Source: Instagram user stephinthecity222 [26]

Start early enough and you can make a video like this one that captures selfie expressions [27] on video instead of photos.

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