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Geeky Bridal Shower Games: DDR and Guitar Hero

It seems unanimous: geeky women approve of video game infused gatherings and parties complete with a little Wii, PlayStation and Xbox action, so why not add a little video gaming to your bridal shower? At first I was a tad appalled by the idea - being an old fashioned girl who thinks bridal showers should be filled with overflowing tea pots, scrumptious tea cake and dorky question games (you know forcing the bride to recall the outfit the groom was wearing the day they met is so much fun), but with a little bit of convincing - namely an enthusiastic response to my geek bachelorette party ideas - I am now a staunch supporter of setting up a video game station or competition at your bridal shower.

My reasoning is simple: If you and your girlfriends have fun playing video games at a regular party, you'll have twice as much fun doing it at a bridal party, which are often attended by all those aunts, cousins and co-workers you don't know that well. Instead of breaking the ice with games that put the bride on the spot, the whole crowd can test their coordination, memory and burn a couple calories with a good old fashioned video game competition. Games like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero don't require any video game experience, but they can be a real laugh. For my ideas to spicing up your bridal shower,

Game Choice
If you have the honor of planning such an event, I suggest you plan, purchase and test out the games before the event. Not only will this be fun, but it will help you plan how much space you'll need in the gaming area and get an idea of how long you want to allot for "gamer time."

Pre-Plan Teams
It's not fair to put all the real gamers on one team and all of the Aunt Bettys on the other team. Mix up the party into groups of 2 or 4 (depending on the game obviously) and make a little list. You can't force anyone to play, but everyone can play Guitar Hero because there is no jumping (a la DDR) or real video game know how necessary.

Keep Score!
Just because it's a bridal shower, it doesn't mean you have to "play nice." Consider setting a little board up or turning it into a drinking game.

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