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Geek Treats For Your Halloween Party

Oct 26 2010 - 3:45pm

Halloween [1]'s not just the time for ghouls and ghosts, it's also the time to get serious about candy consumption. So if you are looking for a few geek-centric candies to pass out to those special friends, check out our candy stash, and get ready for your Halloween night. Grab some of these cute candies and give your geeky Halloween pumpkin [2] a run for its money!

Star Wars Lollipops ($15 for 12)

Eating one of these Star Wars lollipops [3] will have you wanting to unleash your best Darth Vader impression.

Super Mario Brothers Star and Mushroom Candy ($6)

Ingest a bunch of the tiny candies contained in these Super Mario Stars [4] and Mushroom [5] candy tins and start feeling bigger, stronger, and more invincible.

Spaceship Lollipops ($14 for 10)

Navigate the starry Halloween [6] night with these cute spaceship-shaped lollipops [7].

Pac Man ($4)

These Pac Man candy tins [8] are filled with orange-, sour cherry-, or sour blue raspberry-flavored power pellets.

Ghostbusters Slimer Sours ($3)

There's bound to be a lot of poltergeists hanging around your Halloween [9] party, so show them who's boss with these watermelon-flavored Slimer Sours [10].

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