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Geeky Cookies to Sink Your Teeth Into

Aug 15 2011 - 10:13am

I love baking, and besides tasting great, sugar cookies are fun to decorate and shape into almost anything you can imagine. Why not get a group of your friends together for a night of geeky cookie baking? Here's a little inspiration to start you off with.

Controller Cookies

No favorites here! Every gamer gets a cookie from Not So Humble Pie [1]'s recipe.

Mario Stars

Grab yourself a mini star cookie cutter [2] ($2), and power up with Mario stars!

Source: Flickr user Ana_Fuji [3]

Fail Whale

Getting a fail whale has never looked so sweet! Not so good at shaping dough? Here's a whale cookie cutter [4] ($5) for you.

Source: Flickr user srqpix [5]

Pac-Man Cookies

You can take the easy route and use these Pac-Man cookie cutters [6] or get inventive like Flickr user betsyweber [7] did. She used a tulip cookie cutter for the ghosts and a round cookie cutter for the Pac Man cookie with just a few modifications.

Star Wars Vehicle Cookies

This Star Wars cookie cutter set [8]($20) has everything you need to make Rebel and Imperial starships plus the Death Star.

Science Lab Cookies

A test tube, atom, flask, and beaker — go chemistry crazy with this Science Lab cookie cutter set [9] ($15).

Nintendo Star Cookies

Flickr user stoychy [10] made these sweet stars for her fanboy boyfriend.

Mario Head Cookie

If baking isn't your thing, buy this Mario Head cookie [11] ($6) from Ali's Sweet Treats.

Star Wars Cookie Set

These Star Wars pancake molds [12] work just as well for cookies, and they taste (and look) even more delicious with icing on top!

Source: Flickr user betsyweber [13]

Periodic Table Cookies

If you're hosting a party, a spread of periodic table cookies [14] will feed hungry guests.

Camera Cookie Gift Box

Aren't so good in the kitchen? Buy up this adorable Camera Cookie Gift Box Set [15] ($35) from Etsy seller ManJar [16]. Coming with nine sugar cookies topped with almond flavored fondant, they're the perfect gift for any photography nut.

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