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Geeky Gears: Innovative 'Coasting' Bike Hits The Trails

Geeky Gears: Innovative 'Coasting' Bike Hits The Trails

While it sometimes seems biking is reserved for that .001 percent of the population that actually looks good in spandex, it's also a sport filled with amazingly geeky and tricked-out equipment. Bike part manufacturer Shimano and International Design consultancy IDEO have created "Coasting," a bicycle that's "smart enough to shift gears for you, keep you comfy on those casual rides around town, and one that will permanently put a smile on your face."

The Raleigh Coasting bicycle caught my attention because of its innovative gear geekiness, but I was delighted to learn it has a “six-pack” front rack – just the right size for six of your favorite canned or bottled beverages. And it has a built in bottle opener. Something tells me Fit, Yum and I all need one. For a full gallery of images, read more









The Raleigh Coasting bicycle also caught the attention of Sports Illustrated: "The streamlined cycle includes a three-speed derailleur contained within the rear hub that shifts automatically as the wheel's RPM changes. And the brake is the old coaster kind, controlled by the pedals. It couldn't be simpler, but will it drive people to give up their cars?"


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