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Geeky, Nerdy or Dorky: The ErgoPod Workstation

This takes the phrase 'I'm glued to my desk' to a whole new level - sorry I couldn't help myself. The ErgoPod 500 is an adjustable workstation geared towards programmers, or CAD workers. A.k.a people who work so much they can't leave their desks. This workstation allows you to do work staying seated, standing or in other inventive positions. With a keyboard tray, large work surface, power strip, motorized legs, zero gravity recline and motorized monitor tilt platform, you'll never have another excuse to get out of doing work! What do you think? Dorky fabulous, geeky or does the ErgoPad have nerd written all over it? Leave your comments below! For $3695 this interesting contraption can be all yours. For more info and to purchase click
Ergopod 500.

ergopod 6

ergopod 3

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