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Meet 9 Geeks Who Put Your Partying to Shame

Jan 12 2014 - 7:36am

You can't call it a party unless there's one geeky element present. And by one, we mean 20. Ahead, we introduce you to nine nerds who take shots and make appetizers all in the name of fandom. There's no shame in saying it: we want to be friends with them ASAP.

Source: Reddit user wickstone via Imgur [1]

1. The Genius Who Thought of Veggie Sabers

Source: Instagram user melissalewkowicz [2]

2. The Girl Who Masterfully Made Stormtrooper Marshmallows

Source: Instagram user kisaleigh [3]

3. The Guy Who Arranged Shots Into the Shape of Mario Like a BAMF

Source: Reddit user wickstone via Imgur [4]

4. The Doctor Who Fanatic Who Knows No Limits

Source: Instagram user maggieluthin [5]

5. The Science-Lover Who'll Become Our BFF No Matter What It Takes

Source: Instagram user samanthabeth85 [6]

6. The Girl Who Got Six of Her Friends to Wear Nerd Glasses While Wine Tasting

Source: Instagram user stephynow [7]

7. The Keeper Who Baked This Coding Cake

Source: Reddit user GatorAutomator via Imgur [8]

8. The Person Cool (or Desperate) Enough to Take Shots Out of Lego Parts

Source: Instagram user aartillery [9]

9. The Star Who Made Health and Mana Potion Out of Skittle Vodka

Source: Instagram user zoetwodots [10]

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