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Pregnant? Announce It the Geeky Way!

Jun 10 2015 - 6:42am

The only bad thing about having a memorable geeky wedding [1] is the pressure to continue the awesomeness once a little one comes along. Fear not! We've scoured the 'net for the best pregnancy announcements that you'll want to copy as soon as you're ready to share the news. Oh, and congrats!

Source: Imgur user DominicGraziano [2]

Supero Sidekick

Source: Imgur user Droo13 [3]

Mario Bros. Extra Life

Source: Twitter user coldblueribbon [4]

Family of Gaming Remotes

Source: Instagram user madamrevolver [5]

Smartphone Sonogram Capture

Source: Instagram user jntvisuals [6]

Pokeball Belly

Source: Imgur user handoverthebeefjerkyorelse [7]

Still Loading . . .

Source: Reddit user inforichland via Imgur [8]

"Acute" Baby

Krang Photoshop

Source: Reddit user whomba via Imgur [9]

Custom QR Code

Have one created [10] using a photo, and ask friends and family to scan the code for a personal message.

Source: Etsy user FourHappyFaces [11]

Geek Incubator Shirt

Source: Etsy user GreenEggsandGear [12]

A Little Math

Source: Instagram user megmss [13]

Baby Loading Shirt

Source: Etsy user Coockuboo [14]

Player 3

Source: Imgur user HarveyBirdmanAttorneyAtLaw [15]

Periodic Table Top

Source: Etsy user BumpCovers [16]

Family of Gamers

Source: Imgur user DominicGraziano [17]

Downloading Baby

Source: Etsy user EventsYouCanPrint [18]

Princess Peach Pregnancy GIF

Source: Imgur user oPHILcial [19]

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