I'm often completely inspired by the concept products on Yanko Design, but this Glide Disposable Personal Digital Camcorder designed by Greg Schramek hits an unusual mark with me - amazing form, confusing function.

Encased within a simple, no gimmicks shell, easy-to-use memory chips store personal videos which are then processed at pharmacies, grocers, and other retails and returned to you for viewing. By bridging the gap between privy full-featured camcorders and single-use cameras, Glide makes it easy to capture high-quality footage anywhere from a wedding to a rafting trip and bring it home for sharing on standard DVDs.

I am used to seeing designers weigh heavier on the usability and technical side and under perform when it comes to style. This camera is great looking. It's sleek, small, and simple. While its description is inspiring, who needs a camcorder that's disposable and that small? The point that it would work for a rafting trip is well taken, only it's not waterproof (at least not that I can tell). It's my belief that single use cameras are going to be used outdoors and should therefore be sturdy. Of course, if I got to bang this one around a little and found it was plenty sturdy, I'd probably change my mind.