Glo Pillow Alarm Wakes You Up Slowly

Let's face it; no one will ever love his or her alarm clock. Even the spiffy Clocky alarm, which can be programmed to jump off of your nightstand and wheel around your room looking for a place to hide won't keep you entertained for long. After all, it's waking you up from sweet slumber. Eoin McNally & Ian Walton's glo pillow aims to solve this problem by creating a more natural way of being woken than the alarm clock.

The glo pillow uses an integrated fabric interface for setting the alarm. The time is displayed on the surface of the pillow using an LED grid inside the pillow. The user goes to sleep and passes through the five sleep stages to REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Forty-five minutes before the alarm is due to activate, the pillow begins to glow. read more

Apparently, using light rather than sound to wake encourages the body to establish a healthy sleep rhythm, and makes the day more productive and stress free. The pillow is charged by induction, which allows the pillow to be wireless and move freely about the bed.