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NASA's #GlobalSelfie Connects This Blue Marble We Live On

Apr 22 2014 - 3:33pm

NASA's going big in its celebrations of Earth Day today, it is about the whole planet, after all. The space agency's satellites regularly send back pictures of Earth from high above its atmosphere [1], but today it wants to build a picture of Earth and its citizens from the ground up. It's asking Earthlings to tag selfies taken outside, highlighting the natural beauty of the planet with #GlobalSelfie [2]. Those pictures will then be used to create a mosaic image of the Earth, unlike anything a satellite part of the 17 Earth-observing missions [3] of NASA could produce.

Take your own #GlobalSelfie by printing out the NASA-provided sign seen here (also available in 20 other languages [4]), adding your location, and then opening your best selfie-taking app [5].

Madeira Island, Portugal

Source: Instagram user sofiabeloo [6]

Santiago, Chile

Source: Instagram user camilinsotop [7]

Bogotá, Colombia

Source: Instagram user yeyocj [8]

Barcelona, Spain

Source: Instagram user bcnblue [9]

Baghdad, Iraq

Source: Facebook user Mustafa AL-Rubaye [10]

Evanston, Illinois

Source: Instagram user jessiehoerman [11]

São Paulo, Brazil

Source: Facebook user Sérgio Kamada [12]

Fusagasugá, Colombia

Source: Google+ user Marco Julio Rivera Avellaneda [13]

Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Colombia

Source: Facebook user Jairo Garcia Mendez [14]

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Source: Google+user Shams Tabrez [15]


Source: Google+ user Sonya Goyal [16]

't Zand, Brussels

Source: Google+ user Roland Lemmers [17]

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Source: Instagram user selfie3290 [18]

Canberra, Australia

Source: Facebook user Gunnar Prehl‎ [19]

Shiraz, Iran

Source: Instagram user asalamiri1 [20]

Cancun, Mexico

Source: Instagram user elenaballest [21]

Saudi Arabia

Source: Google+ user Abdulrazzaq baloushi [22]

Caracas, Venezuela

Source: Instagram user lauramejiaplc [23]

French Polynesia

Source: Google+ user Whitt Birnie [24]

Moel Famau, Wales

Source: Instagram user iamcheekychops [25]

Vining, Minnesota

Source: Facebook user Phyllis Nyberg [26]

Tunis, Tunisia

Source: Google+ user Bilel Trabelsi [27]

Quepos, Costa Rica

Source: Facebook user Rose Granados Aragón‎ [28]

San Jose del Monte, Philippines

Source: Facebook user Barbie Garbin [29]

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