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Gmail Goes Down and the Jokes Roll In

Jan 24 2014 - 12:05pm

It wasn't just your imagination. Gmail was down for a bit [1] today, but you probably took one glance at your Twitter feed and figured it out. The jokes — they just wouldn't stop coming. Check out some of the most memorable.

"Gmail is down" says the whole universe a little too loudly as they walk by the boss's office & collectively go for a Friday afternoon beer.

— Isaac Fitzgerald (@IsaacFitzgerald) January 24, 2014 [2]

While GMAIL is down, I'm trying to remember my @yahoo [3] email password.

— jason (@Jason) January 24, 2014 [4]

Gmail is back up, and now all of my messages automatically bcc: "analyst088@nsa.gov" which doesn't seem right.

— pourmecoffee (@pourmecoffee) January 24, 2014 [5]

BREAKING: Seems that Justin Bieber [6] has been arrested for breaking Gmail.

— Peter Shankman (@petershankman) January 24, 2014 [7]

Reports of people resorting to sending messages to each other on paper in absence of Gmail now surfacing

— James Whelton (@Whelton) January 24, 2014 [8]

I just tried to check gmail to see if anyone replied to my facebook comment about gmail being down. What is wrong with me

— Jennifer McCreight (@jennifurret) January 24, 2014 [9]

Gmail Just Went Down, But What Happens Next Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity #TerribleGmailDownHeadlines [10]

— Justin Robert Young (@JustinRYoung) January 24, 2014 [11]

Wait, is Gmail down? I can’t tell from all the tweets in my timeline. #gmaildown [12] #whengmailwentdown [13]

— Jonathan Kealing (@JKealing) January 24, 2014 [14]

ABC cancelled #gmail [15], but luckily TBS immediately picked it up. Crisis averted.

— Ryan McGee (@TVMcGee) January 24, 2014 [16]

I remember the Great Gmail Outage of Friday Afternoon fondly. Just me and @kenli [17], talking IRL. Those were the days.

— Peter Kafka (@pkafka) January 24, 2014 [18]

Google Maps asks if Gmail wants to hang out later. Gmail responds: "I'm down." #gmailjokes [19]

— Matt Ludvigson (@BallastCreative) January 24, 2014 [20]

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