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Life Will Never Be the Same After Google's Big Announcements

Jun 27 2014 - 10:19am

Get ready for Google to be everywhere in your life soon. During its keynote at this year's I/O developer's conference [1] on Wednesday, Google unveiled new smart products for your wrist, living room, and car and even a totally revamped look for the Android operating system.

Keep reading to catch up on the biggest announcements Google made this year.

Source: Getty / Stephen Lam [2]

A New Google on Your Phone

Android 5.0 [3] is mysteriously called "L" at the moment and is described as the "biggest release to date" of the operating system.

It's defined by bold colors, fun animations, and a "flat" design aesthetic. Looks like Android is finally catching up to iOS in terms of design [4]. Like iOS, Android L has a bright color scheme. The interface seems to disappear into the content with transparent layers.

See more preview pictures of the operating system here [5].

Source: Google [6]

Google in Your Car

Google is bringing its Android operating system to cars with Android Auto [7] because "people don't want to check their phones at the door" when they get in their car. Auto is designed to use the voice-command-based Google Now to keep distracted driving at a minimum while acknowledging the reality of how modern drivers use gadgets in cars.

It's a redesigned look at the Android OS that puts the emphasis on the three main functions that drivers commonly focus on while driving: navigation, communication, and audio.

Source: Google [8]

Google on Your Wrist

Two new smartwatches [9], powered by Android Wear [10], are now available for preorder — the Samsung Gear Live ($200) and LG G Watch [11] ($229) — and shipping July 7.

A demo during the keynote highlighted the ways apps will be used on the watches. Pinterest Places [12] will inform you if you're near a business you've pinned. The food delivery service Eat24 [13] will let users pay and offer an estimated time of arrival from their watch.

Source: Samsung [14]

Google in Your Office

If you still use Microsoft Office, Google is tempting you to switch to its own editor suite of Docs, Spreadsheets, and Slides, which has new standalone apps [15] for each. There's now also offline support so you can create, edit, and view files even without an Internet connection no matter what device you're on. For those still loyal to Microsoft's software, you can edit and save Office files like Word documents while in Google Docs.

Source: Google [16]

Google on Your TV

Google has tried to apply its technology to television before [17] with lackluster results. With the new Android TV [18] announced this week, the Android smartphone experience moves to the living room. Google Search will, of course, play a big role in how Android on TVs works as you search for shows, movies, and even games through Google Play.

The Android TV platform is open now for developers to create new apps for the at-home entertainment experience. Sony and Sharp already have plans to release televisions that will run on Android, and Google expects set-top boxes to also roll out with Android TV built in.

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