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5 Helpful Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Sep 17 2011 - 11:41am

The newly redesigned [1] Google Chrome browser recently celebrated its second birthday [2], and is already making moves by taking a big chunk [3] of the browser market share. Are you using Chrome these days? If so, check out these five handy plug-ins, tips, and extensions that will make browsing easier.

Drag and Drop

Chrome users can drag and drop files [4] into Gmail, as well as drag and drop from Gmail to the desktop for easy saving.

Sync Your Browser Preferences

One of the most helpful tips I learned while using Google Chrome is Sync. Head into your Chrome preferences and click on "Personal Stuff." You'll see a "Sync" section that will allow you to take your settings, bookmarks, and saved tabs with you no matter what computer you're using.


Chrome plug-in StayFocusd [5] helps you block out time-wasting websites to stay focused on the task at hand by limiting the amount of time and days of the week you're allowed to stay on listed sites.

See Full URLs

A helpful extension called View Thru [6] lets you see the entire URL of a shortened link just by hovering over it.

Pin Tabs to Maximize Space

I often have a ton of browser tabs open at once, so this tip is kind of a lifesaver: by "pinning" an open tab, the tab will be reduced to the size of a favicon, giving you more tab bar space to work with. To pin, just right click on the tab and select "Pin Tab."

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