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Don't Be a Creep: A Guide to Wearing Google Glass

Mar 10 2014 - 7:01am

The concept of Google Glass (it's a computer on your face, guys) is a marvel — but the idea of wearing the silver unibrow in real life? Not so much. Gadget geeks wearing Google's eyewear are sometimes referred to as "Glassholes," a derogatory term that Google would rather not have associated with its wearable tech.

So the company has laid out a manual of Glass "tech-tiquette," [1] a list of dos and don'ts that turn creepy Explorers into positive brand ambassadors. The guidance doesn't just apply to Google Glass wearers, either; these recommendations are great for smartphone addicts, too.

A sampling of the Google-crafted advice:

The Glass Explorer community is often berated for wearing the augmented-reality eyewear, simply because the new tech is very different — therefore, weird. People don't understand how the tech works, so it's up to Glass wearers to explain it to the public.


If you're interested in wearing Glass, but not interested in the gawking that comes with it, try going on a solo hike and donning the tech amid the great outdoors [3] or trying one of Google's hipster prescription frame add-ons [4] (pictured above).

A few weeks ago, we tried on the smart spectacles for ourselves — and while looking into the prism and not going cross-eyed was a challenge unto itself, it didn't seem all that different from wearing the glasses we already wear on a daily basis. Taking a picture was as simple as winking, getting directions was incredibly helpful, and scanning headlines didn't require the same effort as taking out a phone and scrolling through apps.

Have you tried on Google Glass? How would you feel about wearing the high-tech eyewear in real life?

Source: Google [5]

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