Google wants to give you another reason to join their social network, Google Plus: simple and secure sign-in around the web. A new application sign-in feature was added to the Google+ platform today, allowing developers to give their users the option of signing up or signing in with their Google account.

If you've ever signed up for a new account on the web, you are probably familiar with this type of authentication. Facebook and Twitter have similar features that let users connect their accounts to other websites or social networks, like Fitbit and OpenTable. If you're still wary, we've got three good reasons to embrace the new Google+ Sign-In button.

  • Two-step verification — You'll need the same credentials you use for your Gmail account to sign into a site, so you can rest assured that the log-in is secure. Google's best security feature is, undoubtedly, 2-step verification, which prompts users for another numeric code in addition to their password. The code can be delivered via text or phone, and if neither of those are accessible, there is a set of backup codes users can print out and keep in their wallet.
  • Access to Google's suite of web apps — Flixster's Android app has already enabled Google+ sign-in. This Google authentication allows moviegoers to send their friends Google Calendar invites to showings. The integration with Google apps like Calendar, Docs, and Gmail is seamless and convenient.
  • Built-in network — If you sign up for a service with a social component, then signing in with Google+ will automatically create a network of friends on that service. Since your Google+ contacts are tied with your Gmail account, these are most likely people that you regularly communicate with, and your profile will automatically be completed with all the correct information.