Google Samsung and Acer ChromeBooks Details

Google Launching Two Chromebooks on June 15

Google Samsung and Acer ChromeBooks Details

At today's I/O keynote, Google announced two new Chromebooks coming from Samsung and Acer on June 15. These new laptops were born from last year's CR-48 beta edition, and have now evolved into consumer-ready machines with some nice cloud features.

Both Chromebooks boot in eight seconds, have built-in WiFi and are 3G-ready (from Verizon), feature automatic updates, and secure log-ins for multiple users. You can customize your Chrome experience with web apps, sync your bookmarks, and get your documents, photos, and settings on any computer thanks to its cloud-based operating system. Check out more photos and details from both the Samsung and Acer laptops (including size, weight, and battery life) in the slideshow. When you're done, head over to our Facebook page and vote on our Google Chromebooks poll!


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