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Digital Life
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Google Ups Its Storage Size For A Fee

Want to increase your Gmail or Picasa storage size? Google has just announced that it will offer additional online storage for people who want to store larger images, docs, music, and video files. The storage can be used for various Google applications like Picasa, Gmail, and Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Current Google users get roughly 3GB of free storage with their Gmail and 1GB with Picasa. Twenty bucks a year for 6 extra gigs is fairly reasonable, considering you'll have over 10GB in total to play around with.

6 GB $20/year
  • 25 GB $75/year
  • 100 GB $250/year
  • 250 GB $500/year
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    cleegiants cleegiants 8 years
    i really wish we didn't have to pay for storage - no matter how "cheap" it is. gmail's storage of almost 3GB is certainly more than enough for email storage, but there needs to be a better solution for media files.
    shafiii shafiii 8 years
    i think having to pay for it is ridiculous. i have enough storage and would rather use a usb on wihch i can put other things on rather han having one limited to google/picasa items.
    katie10 katie10 8 years
    Hmmm... I've got 2887 MB of storage and I'm only using 129 MB. So, I don't think I'll need to be upgrading. Plus, I'd rather just get the Pro version of Flickr if I ever needed to put that many pictures online. I know that it's nothing even close to the same thing as Picasa, but I like Flickr better. Also, $100 for .mac gets you, well... .mac. You're not just paying for photo storage.
    ineska ineska 8 years
    *panics* my Gmail is only 3 GB :'(
    starofsorrow starofsorrow 8 years
    Hm. Not too shabby...thought I wouldn't pay to use it either!
    beingtazim beingtazim 8 years
    sounds a bit pricey for that much storage, but then .mac is $100 for i dunno.
    oli02 oli02 8 years
    That must be a typo, because yeah, I definitely don't have 4GB in my account! Not that I would ever even use that much since I'm currently only at 8% of usage, but still... :)
    c0rkie c0rkie 8 years
    it saids i have 2887 MB in my gmail... :( where did you come up with 4 gig?
    c0rkie c0rkie 8 years
    boo! price for everything :( i dont need more than one gig anyway.
    ziggy ziggy 8 years
    Their prices are ridiculous for photo storage with no information about how secure things really are. I use Smugmug - they back up your pics in multiple locations and you don't lose the rights or give away any rights when you use them (unlike shutterfly, ofoto, etc, etc). It's unlimited for less than Google and there's no shortage of easy integration upload tools. :D
    marley11 marley11 8 years
    its a good idea, but personally i don't mind having multiple USBs or just paying money to get a USB with a big storage size. idk. maybe i'm paranoid with the idea that someone can hack into my google account...
    marley11 marley11 8 years
    its a good idea, but personallyi don't mind having multiple USBsor just paying money to get aUSB with a big storage size. idk.maybe i'm paranoid with the ideathat someone can hack into my google account...
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