Google World Cup Trends

Behind the Scenes at Google's World Cup War Room

Behind the Scenes at Google's World Cup War Room

On a quiet street in San Francisco across from a park is an office called The War Room. Google's War Room to be specific. And while nothing too crazy goes down inside, there is an element of drama. You see, if you've happened across the World Cup trends page, you know that for every match, Google comes up with at least one design to illustrate what words and phrases people are searching for across the world.

On Tuesday, for instance, trends include that Brazil was feeling heartbroken while Germany felt unstoppable. Partnering with design company RGA, the War Room team has the very important task of not only analyzing trends data, but also designing graphics, writing copy, and translating it all into 12 languages — fast. We were there for the shocking Brazil vs. Germany game and wanted to give you a peek inside, too.


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