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Gossip Girl Characters Use Mac and PC Laptops

Gossip Girl Tech Quiz: Who's a Mac and Who's a PC?

Just because Gossip Girl wasn't new last night doesn't mean you have to go without a tech quiz! My love for Gossip Girl stems from its total embrace of technology and its inextricable role in furthering gossip, for better or worse. And what do they need (besides the latest smartphones) to surf devious blogs? Computers. A complicated relationship with Apple means that some characters do in fact use Macs, but there are also a lot of PC users as well. Know who's who? Test your tech knowledge!

Photos courtesy of The CW

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What computer was Serena using to work on earlier this season?

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Is Blair a Mac or a PC?

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Dan Humphrey: Mac or PC?

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His father, Rufus Humphey: Mac or PC?

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We rarely get to see Dorota on her computer, but we got a glimpse of her machine this season. Does she have a Mac or a PC?

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Nate's had the same computer for the past two seasons. Is he a Mac or a PC?

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Lily Van Der Woodsen: Mac or PC?

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We've been inside Headmistress Queller's office recently; what does she use, a Mac or a PC?

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