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Gossip Girl Tech Quiz: "The Handmaiden's Tale" Episode

Some people may tune into Gossip Girl [1] for the fashionable and chic clothes [2], but I can't get over the show's assortment of trendy and lust worthy gadgets. As you've probably figured out, "Gossip Girl" is an anonymous blogger (narrated by the fabulously geeky Kristen Bell [3]), who details the scandals and adventures of a group of wealthy New York City teenagers on her website. Last night's "The Handmaiden's Tale" episode featured plenty of drama for Dan and Serena and a glamorous masked ball. Were you paying attention to all the technology in the show? Take my quiz and find out!
Photos courtesy of The CW [4]

Gossip Girl Tech Quiz: "The Handmaiden's Tale" Episode

Serena and Dan are both pictured searching the internet on what color computer?


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