When the folks from Griffin dropped by to let me test out their portable Journi speaker they also let me test out the soon-to-be-released Evolve speaker, which combines a small, traditional iPod speaker system with the joy of portability and wirelessness.

The system is made up of a light charging base and two cube-shaped speakers that can be moved off the base or in to a new room. The demo guy actually started it up and made me follow him across the office with one of the cubes and shockingly, the sound was still pretty great. My favorite part is, there is no wire hassle, so you can put one speaker on your desk and keep the other in another room and not worry about tripping over wires.

Each speaker has its own Lithium-Ion battery pack, which apparently delivers up to 10 hours of music between charges. The system also works with non-iPod MP3 devices. Price and release date available soon.

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