Some folks from Griffin stopped by our office during their recent PR tour and let us play with their new line of speakers. While the others may offer better sound (don't worry, I'll share those reviews with you soon), I was charmed by the journi's tiny, portable "classy boombox" qualities. They call it a "personal mobile speaker," which is just what it is. Close up the speaker looks like a clutch, but opened up it folds into a lightweight pyramid of sound. According to the reps, the battery works for up to 10 hours, so you can take the little speaker traveling, to a picnic or at your desk (they didn't let me play with it for that long so I can't stand by that claim!). If it doesn't last 10 hours it is powered by internal Lithium-Ion batteries, which can recharge with the included AC adapter or through your computer's powered USB port.

To work it you just slide your iPod into the dock (it works with other MP3 players as well) and spin a wheel to adjust the "wrapstand" around your player and hit play on your iPod or the remote. The wrapstand means the speaker works just as well with the mini or nano as it does the regular size iPod and it won't shift around in your bag.

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Features: Apparently, two 50mm high/mid-range drivers and two 64mm passive radiators use SRS WOW digital technology to expand the audio image and sound of the journi speaker. The battery works 8-10 hours of play on a single charge via AC adapter or powered USB port and the device syncs your iPod with your computer's iTunes library as it charges. It does have an Auxiliary Audio Input for other digital music players.