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Griffin's RocketFM Transmitter at MacWorld

Macworld 2008: Griffin's RocketFM Transmitter

The "Something Is in the Air" Apple theme made its way into the Griffin booth during Macworld yesterday. At first glance I thought these rockets were small radios or even shuffle docs, but it turns out they have a much geekier purpose.

The RocketFM transmits music from apps like iTunes or Garage Band, and it can even stream Internet radio to any FM receiver within 30 feet. Totally useful if you have a Mac or PC in one room, but need to rock out in another. Since it's open to just about any FM frequency from 88.1 to 107.9, you are sure to find a signal all to yourself — just plug in and choose your station! Plus the design is oh so geek chic, I almost can't resist getting one for myself!




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