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Grumpy Cat's Tips For Staying True to Yourself: "Never Start Caring"

The not-so-surprising belle of SXSW? That would be one Grumpy Cat, the Internet's most delightfully cantankerous kitty. Grumpy was in Austin, TX, to deliver 25,000 Friskies shrimp-flavored meals to local cats through Friends of Austin Animal Center. Fans who tweeted #HolyShrimp during the event helped increase that donation to 50,000 meals for felines in need. Despite this act of kindness, Grumpy Cat remains committed to hating everything and everyone in life. In her rise to World Wide Web domination and social media superstar, this little kitty has remained herself — she's not about to smile for the camera.

We caught up with Grumpy Cat (via cat language translator) to learn her secrets of social media, memes, and YouTube cat videos.

Source: Friskies

POPSUGAR: Which iPhone emoji best describes you?

Grumpy Cat: There's still no emoji grumpy enough.

PS: What is one thing you should never share on social media?

GC: It's a tie between feelings and opinions. You should never share either.

PS: How much time do you spend on average per week watching cute cat videos on YouTube?

GC: There are "cute" cat videos? I've always called them annoying cat videos.

PS: Favorite meme-building app?

GC: The only meme-building app you need is mine: Grumpybomb (iOS, free). You can add my face and words to your snaps, bringing unhappiness to any photo.

PS: How did you gain so many followers when you hate everyone?

GC: I have a feeling they have nothing better to do.

Source: Instagram user POPSUGAR Tech

PS: How do you unwind when not donating meals to fellow felines in need or talking to fans?

GC: I try to nap. Forever.

PS: The secret to staying true to yourself even with fame?

GC: Never start caring.

PS: What has been your favorite fan encounter?

GC: My favorite? This is a trick question. I hate all my fans equally.


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