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If a Guy Won't Call, But Texts and Emails, Am I Getting Played?

Tech Dating 101: He Texts, But Won't Call — Am I Being Played?

Welcome back to my Tech Dating 101 series, where I help guide you through the rocky terrain where tech and love collide. It's a wired world out there, and if this next story is any proof, it's hard to tell the difference between a geek and a player. A friend of mine offered up this situation that she recently went through in hopes to gain some insight from me, as well as from you.

She met a guy through a friend who was a total charmer and seemed to be right up her alley in the looks and personality department. After a few weeks of arranging meet-ups via text and email, she realized she couldn't get him on the phone. He somehow got out of every telephone conversation, and ended up conversing online or through a series of texts. She wants to know: "Am I getting played?"

Find out my answer to this question and hear my advice to her about this phone call challenged dude when you


My first instinct is to tell her to drop this guy like a hot potato — anyone who can't converse with you over the phone has got to be hiding something, right? Maybe he's sending you texts because he's too busy with his bevvy of other babes to risk speaking to you when you call. It seems kinda shady.

But on the other hand, maybe this guy isn't wise to the rules of dating, or perhaps he's just text obsessed. In any case, someone has to lay down the law about proper texting etiquette, and it looks like it may be you. If you can't carry on a normal phone conversation with your prospective beau (and that type of thing is important to you), you may want to move on. However, if everything seems normal in person (with great conversation to boot), he may just be one of those guys that doesn't like to chit-chat over the phone.

Either way, my only real advice here is to follow your gut! If the situation seems fishy to you, and you can't shake the uneasiness about this phone call road block, then swim on. There are plenty of other guppies in the sea, my friend, and there's no need to spend this much time worrying about a guy you just met.


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