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Happy Birthday Steve Jobs!

Feb 24 2010 - 3:30pm

Today is Apple founder Steve Jobs [1]'s 55th birthday! In his honor, I've rounded up of some of his best moments, and my favorite tidbits about Apple's history.

His Health in the News

He seems to be a-OK now, but he's certainly had his share of health issues [2], from pancreatic cancer to a liver transplant. Even when he's away from his office he's hard at work [3]. Stay well, Steve!

So Many New Launches

Steve announced the iPad [4] nearly a month ago, and people are still buzzing about it. Time will tell if the iPad is a hit, but let's not forget about one of Apple's biggest successes, the ever-evolving iPod [5].


Even Steve makes mistakes — and these bloopers from Apple keynote addresses [6] are hilarious.

Steve Hangs With His Friends

He's a rock star in the tech world, so it makes sense that he'd hang out with actual rock stars. Check out some of the celebs [7] he's hung out with.

How Much Do You Know About Steve Jobs?

You know who he is, what he does, and how he dresses, but how much do you really know about SJ? Take this quiz [8] to find out.

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