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Have You Ever Been Cyber Bullied?

While it seems most bullying happens on the playground, the internet has become a hotbed for nasty behavior, in part because people seem to disassociate themselves from their online habits and attitude.

One third of US online teenagers have been victims of cyber-bullying according to research by the Pew Internet Project. According to the BBC, the most common complaint was about private information being shared rather than direct threats. In fact, 32 percent of teens questioned in the poll have had their private e-mail, IM or text messages forwarded or posted where others could see it online. That same 32 percent also reported being the victims of aggressive email, IM or text messages and having nasty rumors spread about them online.

Of course, these behaviors are not limited to teens, and cyber bullying or "e-thug" behavior continues to dampen the fun on social networking sites, online communities and blogs. Have you ever been cyber bullied, or have you bullied someone online? And if so, why?

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