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Helio Ocean Now Available

Jun 1 2007 - 10:00am

[0]As a thank you for their sponsorship I would like to take the opportunity to explain that there is a reason behind the Helio "Don't call us a phone company" ads. The devices aren't just phones, they actually are mobile, talking and messaging machines. Case in point: The Helio Ocean [1] device released earlier this month is a dual-slider with both a numeric keyboard and a separate QWERTY keyboard.

The device merges instant messaging, text messaging, picture messages and e-mails with over-the-air music downloads, video-on-demand, a camera, HTML browser, GPS-enabled Google Maps, photo caller ID and audio with stereo bluetooth. It also features Myspace for Helio and Helio Music [1]. If the device's features weren't enough to convince you, check out the Helio Ocean Cake [1] one of our readers made as an ode to hers.

The Ocean is available for $295 at Helio Stories or Helio Online [2].

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