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Helio Ocean Rolls Into Market

The much anticipated Helio Ocean hit the market Friday and hardcore Helio fans like LilPeaPod couldn't be more excited. It's being marketed as the "world's first dual slider that has it all."

The "all" includes: full keyboard, separate numeric keypad, idle screen search, video, camera, e-mail, text messaging, AIM and audio with stereo bluetooth. Of course, it also supports Helio Music, GPS-enabled services and applications and photo caller ID.

While the device was released more than a month in advance of the iPhone, some people are saying it will give the Apple phone a run for its money. In fact the last time I checked more than 50 percent of people who voted on Gizmodo's Helio Ocean vs. Apple iPhone poll had chosen the Helio. What are your thoughts? Have you checked out the device yet?






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