Last weekend I was helping one of my girlfriends pick out a new digital camera - it's a tragic tale, but she spilled Diet Coke on the inside of her purse and wrecked her iPod and camera! - and we noticed that Best Buy has a whole Hello Kitty section filled with cameras, flash drives and cell covers. Naturally, there are those people that love Hello Kitty, those that hate Hello Kitty and those of us in between.

For all those in-betweeners, the Hello Kitty and Charming Kitty USB device is there to satisfy your pink needs without overwhelming you or anyone around you. They are $42.05 online, but you can get others at Best Buy for a bit less. Tip: When it comes to flash drives, the difference in price is almost always correlated to the amount of space on the drive. You should expect to pay more for more space.