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Help Me Find An Inexpensive Laptop Bag

Katie recently e-mailed me saying she just started a new job and now has her own laptop, but is looking for a trendy and fun laptop bag. "My company is giving me $65 to buy a laptop bag/case," said Katie. "I want something fun, but functional too. Could you suggest a few bags in this price range?"

I happen to know that there are plenty of great laptop bags out there like this cute pink laptop bag from Kolobags and I need your help finding them.

So here's what you can do: Just surf the web for great laptop bags that are in the $65 price range (you can go $10 above and below) and bookmark your findings on TeamSugar under the category "Geek Gear." I'll pick my favorites and share them with you all on Wednesday. If you're not sure what "bookmarks" are or what Geek Gear is, click here.

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