Hide Cords With Sleek Cubic Extension

Saying I have a lot of gadgets hooked up in my house is an understatement. I battle a mess of cords in nearly every room, but my bedroom has to be the worst. I have the TiVo, TV, two cell phone chargers and speakers all set up in one corner, not to mention the cable, and wireless router for the TiVo. While I have managed to push most of the cords behind my TV stand, it's still not a pretty sight.

Tokyo Mango found this sleek Extension Cord Cube and I have to admit, I'm rather inspired. Despite the bright red and silver colors, the box covers up the mess of cords. Called the "tapbox," it was created by Japanese design company ideaco and can hide four extra plugs in the 4x4x4 cube. It may not be the answer to every person's cord-hiding needs, but it certainly beats using a twisty-tie to keep things clean.