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The Hills Tech Quiz: Episode 15 (With this Ring. . .)

After my meet n' greet with the ladies from The Hills last week, I was eager to watch this week's episode to see if they used the same phones as they did during the tapings and if they are the same on camera as in person. Here's what I found out: Yes they behave the exact same way as they do on the show, and in terms of their cell phones, Audrina has recently upgraded from a Pearl to a silver BlackBerry 8830—the same as Lauren's! A bit of drama between Heidi and Spencer, but other than that not too many tech scenes this week. Take this short yet sweet tech quiz to see if you were paying attention. Good luck! You can also brush up on your Hills beauty knowledge as well by taking Bella's quiz!
Photos courtesy of MTV

The Hills Tech Quiz: Episode 15 (With this Ring. . .)

What was Spencer playing with when Heidi gave him her ring back?

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