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Hitachi's New E-Ink Phones Deserve a Few Ooo's and Aww's

Jan 31 2008 - 9:01am

If yesterday's pink BlackBerry Pearl [1] didn't excite you, feast your eyes on Hitachi's [2] new W61H clamshell phone [3]. What's revolutionary about this handset is its 2.7-inch e-ink display, built-into the external screen. This extra display has been named the "silhouette screen" as you can choose from 95 different patterns to showcase on your phone. Featured on CrunchGear [4], this clamshell phone also comes with 100MB of internal memory, a microSD expansion option and GPS capabilities—Is it just me or is GPS integration becoming the new norm? Set to become available in Japan this March, this stylish new clamshell will come in green, white and black. We may not see this exact handset anytime soon in North America, but stay tuned for similar phones incorporating this unique e-ink technology!

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