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Hot Metallic Music Players From Sony

These eye candy gems from Sony Japan might look like tiny tubes of lipstick, but they are really music players/storage drives. These E series flash players will be available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB versions. They also come with a built-in USB plug which you can use as a drive and a three color LCD display. Use this gadget to playback MP3, WMA, Atrac, and AAC formats and with a built-in lithium ion battery, you can get continuous playback for 30 hours on a 60 minute charge- sweet!
The Sony E series will be available in Japan starting April 21. Sony will also be releasing fun accessories like an arm band, sports clip and neckband for this media player. Pricing will range from 11,000 Yen ($92) to 20,000 Yen ($165). Not too shab at all!

sony 5

sony 4

sony 3

sony 2

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