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How to Check If a Website Is Down

"Is Facebook Down or Is It Just Me?" How to Check a Site's Status

In the wake of today's tragic Facebook and Instagram outage, it needs to be known: instead of continuously refreshing and tweeting your alarmed wonder, skip the hassle and try a simple solution. Visit a site that does the investigating for you. With just one click, you'll see whether everyone else is having trouble with a certain site or if it's a problem on your end.

  • Down Right Now: Combining user reports and official announcements, the site monitors the status of most social networks (plus other services like Yahoo Mail) with accurate updates. Bonus: it lists when a site's last service disruption was.
  • Is It Down Right Now?: Similar to Down Right Now, Is It Down Right Now? differs with graphs that display service status activity, gives you a response time, and monitors a much larger pool of sites (besides social media) that includes and
  • Down For Everyone or Just Me: It doesn't get much simpler than this. Just fill in the blank to the question "Is ___ down for everyone or just me?" and voilà, you have your answer without many ads or graphs on the page to distract you.
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