How to Childproof Your iPad

9 Tips For Childproofing Your iPad

How to Childproof Your iPad

Face it: your iPad is not your own. You may have purchased your tablet to read your favorite book and play some games (Candy Crush, anyone?), but before you could blink, your iPad probably found its way into your little one's hands. While there are plenty of great, educational apps your child could be playing, there's even more that you probably don't want them to see. And even if you think your tot is too young to find his or her way to violent and expletive-filled videos, kids are faster with technology than you'd think.

Thankfully, Apple knows just how savvy children are, and there are a few (free!) steps they offer to protect your kids — you just have to know how to find them. Lucky for you, we've uncovered them. Here, nine quick and easy steps for protecting your iPad-loving tot.

9 Tips For Childproofing Your iPad originally posted on POPSUGAR Mom & Kids

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