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How To Clean Your Computer's Keyboard

How To Clean Your Keyboard

While cleaning your computer keyboards is largely instinctual, some of us — namely me! — forget to do it often enough and things can get very dirty. If your keyboard is in need of a thorough cleaning, all you need is three minutes, a little finesse, and some around-the-office supplies.

I've found the best options for cleaning your keyboard are a lint free cloth, Q-tips, cleaning fluid (isopropyl alcohol) or dust buster spray and clear tape. To start your cleaning process, shut down your computer and remove the main plug, unplug the keyboard, and hold it upside down to release any large dust and food clumps that have been caught in keys (pressing the keys is a good way to release it). If you have a can of compressed air blow out any junk from around and under the keys; if not, you can use a little vacuum to clean it out. I opt for using Q-tips with a couple of drops of cleaner on them to take off the soda spills.









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Take your cloth and dampen it with your cleaning fluid (don't put the liquid directly on the keyboard) and then give the surface of the keyboard a good wipe over. When you have finished give the keyboard a wipe over with the dry cloth/duster, you should now have a nice clean keyboard, to clean it more thoroughly follow the guide below. Do this once every two weeks.


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