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How to Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes

Ask a Geek Girl: Deleting Duplicate Songs in iTunes

Today's question comes from reader glamourette142:

I purchased a new external hard drive to back up all my music on in case my laptop crashes. As I was transferring music I noticed that I have duplicates of the same songs; is there a way that I delete files that there are two of without going though my entire music collection artist by artist?

Good news! There is a simple way to find and delete duplicates in iTunes without going through your entire library. To find out how, just


First, open iTunes. Then go to the File menu, and select "Show Duplicates." This will list all songs that iTunes has determined are duplicate versions — usually songs with the same title and artist. You'll still have to manually sift through this list, but think of it as a security measure to make sure you're not deleting wanted songs. For example, album and acoustic versions of the same song may show up on the duplicates list, even though they're different.

You can right click (or control+click) on any song title to find out more info about the track. Once you've determined the song is, indeed, a duplicate, you can manually delete it.

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