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12 Instagram Commandments Thou Shalt Never Break

Apr 17 2015 - 5:45am

Even if you don't get all the likes and comments that celebrities on Instagram [1] do, there's a way to be totally popular on the site. Just kidding. That's ridiculous.

Source: Instagram user mileycyrus [2]

Thou Shalt Not Instagram a Million Photos From the Same Event

Unless you are Gisele. Otherwise, be selective with your photos, yo.

Source: Instagram user giseleofficial [3]

Thou Shalt Not Abuse Hashtags

#stopit [4]

Source: Instagram user pisimel [5]

Thou Shalt Respond to Comments

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Photo: Lisette Mejia

Thou Shalt Not #TBT to Yesterday

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Source: Instagram user comariecall [6]

Thou Shalt Never — Under Any Circumstances — Post Promotional Material

Get outta here with that.

Source: Instagram user kimkardashian [7]

Thou Shalt Follow Your Co-Workers Back

Unless you want things to get really awkward.

Photo: Lisette Mejia

Thou Shalt Not Post a Bad Photo Just to Prove You Were Somewhere

You did something cool but don't have any good pictures to prove it. Let. It. Go.

Source: Instagram user sarahjessicaparker [8]

Thou Shalt Not Post Other People's Photos as Your Own

Duh, it's stealing. And it's usually really obvious because the picture is bad.

Source: Instagram user patriciabonaparte [9]

Thou Shalt Not Post DSLR Shots

Come on, that's cheating.

Source: Instagram user samukaducca [10]

Thou Shalt Know Thy Selfie Limit

Once a week. Max.

Source: Instagram user mileycyrus [11]

Thou Shalt Not Post Embarrassing Photos of Other People

Unless they asked for it. Otherwise, save it for Snapchat.

Source: Instagram user jimmyfallon [12]

Thou Shalt Not Determine Your Self-Worth Based on Likes

You know this.

Source: Instagram user slender59_doesmc [13]

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