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How I'd Wire: The Fitness Fanatic

Jan 22 2010 - 3:15pm

You're not alone if your 2010 New Year's resolutions [1] included getting fit — even I promised I'd step away from my computer and get on a treadmill every once in awhile. OK, fine, five days a week. So while looking for some inspiration to climb on the elliptical, I picked out five items I'd want on my fitness wish list to get me through tough gym sessions, hours of walking (that pedometer doesn't lie), and Winter weather workouts, while still catering to my geeky taste. Find out what they are in this slideshow.

EA Sports Active ($60)

I tested EA Sports Active for 30 days [2], and loved it so much I went out and bought my own and use it in conjunction with my regular workouts. More challenging than Wii Sports, EA Sports Active includes resistance bands and a motion sensor belt so you get accurate activity measurements.

iPod Nano ($149)

The newest iteration of the iPod Nano [3] comes with a video recorder, FM tuner, pedometer, and holds up to 4,000 songs with the 16GB model.

Adidas miCoach ($140)

Fit tested [4], Geek approved! By adding the tiny Adidas miCoach [5] sensor to your shoe and wearing the heart rate monitor around your chest, the miCoach tracks all kinds of fitness stats, like your speed and heart rate, then alerts you to speed up or slow down through your MP3 player.

Radiance Jacket ($380)

If you've got money (and calories) to burn, the Radiance Jacket [6] would be a perfect addition to your Winter outdoor workout. Coming stocked with technology that not only heats the jacket, but charges your gadgets too.

Sennheiser Sport Series II Headphones ($46)

For you sweaty types, these Sennheiser Sport Series headphones [7] are water resistant, so you can run as long as you want and not burn out the innards. Plus, with the reflective head strap, you'll be visible to cars (and bikers) during those long night runs.

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