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How to Identify Your iPod Generation/Model

With all the great iPod accessories out there it can be hard to tell which ones will fit your iPod if you don't know what generation and model you have. While the differences between models may seem minuscule to the average eye, each generation and model offer different capabilities: The full-sized iPod model stores media on an internal hard drive, while the smaller iPod nano and iPod shuffle use flash memory. Size wise, each model changes with generation. As you can see in this picture, the original iPod (1st generation), which was released in 2001 seems huge in comparison to the current video iPod (5th generation) and my silver mini seems large in comparison to its last model.

To learn how to tell which iPod model you have and some comparison photos, just read more

Discern your model by checking:

  • If it has a scroll wheel, a touch wheel, or a Click Wheel.
  • The capacity of its hard drive.
  • If it has a color or monochrome screen.
  • The dock connector.
  • IMG_3209.JPG






    Still confused - Check out the official Apple Guide to iPod Generations/Models, which includes images and specs of every iPod model and generation.

    Is Your iTunes Up To Date?
    You can always download the latest iTunes software at Apple. When you have the latest version, use the iTunes menus to check for updates. On the Mac choose File > Check for Updates. On Windows choose Help > Check for Updates.


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