How Often Do You Change Your Passwords?

Earlier this week, we found out that 10,000 email passwords were leaked and posted online. The number then slowly crept close to 20,000 — until Hotmail disclosed a whopping 100,000 accounts could have been affected.

After hearing the news, I immediately changed the passwords on all of my email accounts. Thankfully most of you have super-secure passwords (and if you don't, here's how to create a secure one), but sadly even a secure password is vulnerable when leaked.

After rushing to change my password, I realized I hadn't changed it in nearly a year. I'm also guilty of using the same passwords for multiple sites and applications. And, I'll admit I'm guilty of using an overused password now and then. I set a reminder on my calendar to change my passwords every three months, and hopefully I'll stick to it. What about you?

Source: Getty